Using allows you to easily submit feedback to the BTN team and see the status of that feedback. 

What to submit to You would like something specific changed and you know what you would like it to be. 

Example: Change this button color, add this text, this link is broken please add XYZ link.

What to send as a question or add as a discussion point for our meeting: You are not clear on how something works or would like something changed but aren’t clear on what the solution is. 

Example: The course button is hard to see and may cause problems for our members, where is XYZ, can we change the whole styling of this page. 


  1. Accept the invite sent to your email.
    Note: Please do not go to the site and sign up. Accept the invite sent to your inbox. If you do not have an invite please email us at

  2. Download the Chrome extension.

  3. Start adding your changes! 

When submitting changes:

  • Put ONE change per submission 
  • Add a priority level to this change 
  • If this change needs to be completed by a specific date, add the date. 
  • Check the notification box for the first change you submit. Please do not notify us on every change. 


Watch Melodie demonstrate how to install and use below:

Wondering how to view a specific page or can’t get to the page you want to edit from the link? Watch the video below. 

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